Yandex Cloud Console

The console for managing your cloud resources.

A universal tool

Manage your account and access to all the features of the platform in one place.

Effortless management

An easy-to-use interface where you can quickly find the resoures you need and get to work.

Flexible access

Granular access to resources and administration of your cloud infrastructure.

All-in-one monitoring

Track your loads and manage all your cloud resources in one interface.

Quick start

Create an account and deploy cloud infrastructure in just a few clicks.

Mobile app

Monitor your resources, get notifications, and chat with the support service in our app.

Getting started

To start using the platform, register and activate your starting grant.

Yandex Cloud Console features

Start page

All important information is displayed on the catalog dashboard: your clouds, services, account balance, notifications, and much more.


What is the Yandex Cloud management console?

The management console is a web interface that allows you to manage Yandex Cloud resources and services.

Getting started with Yandex Cloud Console